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Photo Focus

Photo Focus selects one photo from my portfolio where I explain my thought process and approach on how I captured the image. 


On a day out to West Bay, Dorset the weather was sunshine and showers and being a weekday not many people were milling around. I walked out to the end of harbour wall to see if I could form a composition using the opposite harbour wall with the sun shining through the clouds out at sea. As I started looking for some compositions people on the other harbour wall appeared behind the lone fisherman and arranged their selves in a very nice line, whilst watching them the last person in the group stood up on the wall to take a picture with his smart phone, I knew instantly this would make a great black and white silhouette photo so took the shot exposing for the bright sky allowing the harbour wall and people to be under-exposed. When back at home and editing the photo the name of ‘Statues’ just seemed appropriate to the scene.

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